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A little introduction

Kizuna Esports was started in 2022 of December by Kevin “Alti” Jong. It is a Singapore-based organization that focuses on the game called “Valorant”- a world-wide known video game published by Riot Games, and expanded through content creating.


Kevin “Alti” Jong started his esports career as a coach of different organizations under APAC since year 2020. On the last months of 2022, he planned and founded Kizuna Esports and is now considered as the owner of the organization.

What is our mission?

As an esports organization playing Valorant, our mission is to become a top competitive team in the game while promoting the growth of the Valorant esports community. We aim to provide our players with a supportive and empowering environment that fosters their growth and development as professional players. Additionally, we strive to represent our team and community with integrity, respect, and sportsmanship in all of our competitions and interactions with other teams and players. Through our dedication and hard work, we hope to contribute to the development and recognition of Valorant as a major esports title on the world stage.

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